From left to right President Richard Olebe, (middle) Susan Wilson, Chief of Development - Girl Scouts, Central California, and right, Sophia Compton, Gold Medal Girl Scout
On our May 2ndmeeting, in keeping with "Youth Service Month", we had the pleasure of having two ladies from the Girl Scouts organization, Susan Wilson and Sophia Compton. Susan gave an overview of the Girl Scouts. She said that the Girl Scouts is 110 years old, founded by Julie Gordon Low and has grown to 111 Troops and 20,000 members nationwide.
Sophia gave her personal experience, having been a long-time member and attaining the degree of “Juliet” which is the equivalent of an “Eagle Scout” with the Boy Scouts. Sophia mentioned the many things that she has done with the Girl Scouts, and also talked about her passion for cats. She brought along a tri-fold exhibit in which she discourages the practice of the “declawing” of your cat. She had in her exhibit some “scratchers”, which she made out of cardboard (her invention) which can be used to deter cats from clawing furniture. For more information, click on “Read More”
Above is the tri-fold display regarding cats that Sophia displayed at our meeting. Note the round cat scratchers in the foreground. She also brought brochures about declaw awareness.
We ended the meeting by having a discussion about the delicious cookies that the Girl Scouts sell to the public. We each were given a sample of their "mint" cookies. I learned that you can buy the cookies from Amazon - look for "cookie finders".
Sophia is a junior at Rio del Oro High School and wants to be a nurse and make people smile.